Learning with a Purpose

To Learn, Do

Dive into your career from day one.

Our students are in motion right from the start, whether it’s recording in front of a green screen, engineering robots, collecting algae in a local pond, hustling across a bustling culinary lab or dining room, examining evidence at a mock crime scene or consulting with executives of professional sports teams. Professors, who are current and former industry professionals, set the pace and are always at students’ sides. In fact, at JWU there’s an entire community behind you to help develop your skills and make the most of your potential.

“Get out there and chase the present.”

— Jacquelyn Lussier ’20, Media & Communication Studies

JWU Fast Facts

the year JWU was founded

average class size

student/faculty ratio

total students from 65 countries

U.S. News & World Report and Money's Best Colleges rankings for Providence Campus only

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